Sounds like a really bad life choice at this point in time Well, we are getting resources, but we are really low on food A little bit too low, I would say What can we build to get more food quickly Let’s see, other than fishermans hut Yeah, requires fertile land Food silo, yeah that won’t actually produce any food Although. “Improves food produced in this area by 10%” Trading post Market place Okay Well, this might be a problem Huh We can just move some of these guys to gather food This is what they are going to do. I assume. Not the fisherman obviously. One of the miners And let’s grab the scout maybe? We don’t really need him over there anymore. We’ll explore one more area and then send him back So, finish your thing Come on There. Alright, you can go back now I think we explored enough for now +4 food that’s better But winter time might be bit of a problem. (Marbozir laughing)

Everyone is going to starve to death “An unknown clan has reached the fame title Thane” Yeah, alright Colonization, mining efficiency. Let’s go for colonization. Alright. Good enough We haven’t finished that healers hut Let’s grab someone Well, one of the villagers should be fine for the job The warriors are right here. They need some healing, like right now I suppose they don’t have to be warriors at all times Probably not We could just grab a regular villager and make him a warrior, right? “Hire an armoured bear 50 food” Yep, we need more food for that And you can be an healer And maybe heal these guys. Will he do it on his own? Okay, I cannot tell him what to do apparently “You’re not the boss of me!” Actually, yeah, I kind of am, I suppose? He doesn’t care about that, he is a strong independent viking.

Nobody is going to tell him what to do, apparently Yeah, wounded clan members have 20% reduced production And our territory is under attack Is that a wolf? Yeah that is a wolf He will be dead by the time our warriors get there So, is our healer actually doing something useful? Or is he just slacking? I don’t think he is actually doing anything “Healers gather medicinal herbs that your wounded will use to heal themselves” Okay Oh, do we need a special area for that? I have no idea I can’t tell if he is actually doing something useful right now And productive “Buildings with no workers”. Aren’t you supposed to be working here? Yes, I’m talking to you. Who did you think I was talking to? As it turns out, I am actually the boss of you Okay, now he will do his thing. Fair enough We need quite a bit of healing Zero happiness “Portals leading to Helheim have been opened, we need to take defensive action before the draugr arrive” Yeah sure. Our heavily wounded warrior will take defensive action.