Combining culinary exploration with travel is a rewarding way to broaden your experiences in new places. The roots of Finnish food are found in its pure, high quality ingredients and in the love that is poured into preparation. Taking a culinary trip to Finland will give you an in depth journey into our country’s history, customs and culture.

Culinary adventures in the countryside

How would you feel about a slice of freshly baked apple pie in an authentic uninterrupted countryside milieu? Or let´s say a tower of grilled salmon (which perhaps you caught that afternoon) with sauternes sauce by one of the almost two hundred thousand pristine lakes in Finland?  You could also try fishing or picking mushrooms and berries, which to us is what yoga and meditation is to the Eastern part of the world. Visiting a genuine farm or even a mansion offers understanding of the more traditional side of Finnish living and cooking.

Culinary adventures in the cities

Finland has an array of restaurants to quench every culinary desire. From tasty street food, which you can get almost around the clock, to our exclusive Michelin star restaurants like Chez Dominique and Carma that combine fine dining with the freshest local ingredients. In Helsinki there are also several old-school restaurants like Kolme Kruunua and Seahorse where you can sample delicious traditional dishes of hash, meatballs, and fried Baltic herring. Design aficionados get a visual treat while dining at Restaurant Savoy; its interior carries the marks of one of Finland’s most famous architects, Alvar Aalto.

Choices are limitless for an open mind eager to explore the possibilities. Finland’s cuisine is fresh, uncomplicated, unpretentious and adventurous –just like us Finns!