We pretty much saved him by backing up there Will killing wolves give us food or something like that. You know, meat? Doesn’t look like it. Alright. Fair enough. Oh yeah, fame “Increase your fame and be proclaimed king of Northgard” Alright Next title:  Thane, requires 200 fame Alright So, we got a few unused villagers I don’t think we need more scouts. We should build something new Let’s see, healers hut. That would be useful, we got a heavily wounded warrior Would be better to heal him, rather than just let him die “Congratulations, our clan has made it to a new year” We didn’t die in the first year, I guess we can call that a success Now, can we still check these buildings while paused? Yep we can. How about we do that. We got some fish over here and stone So, we can grab a mine to get some stone.

Sounds good And then a fishermans hut To get some fish Right here Oh, hold on. Three out of three buildings in this area The healers hut needs to go elsewhere. Or we could develop area, but that will cost us a lot of crowns Let’s cancel the healers hut And we’ll build a fishermans hut in here We can build healers hut anywhere, but we need a fishermans hut in this area. To get the fish Okay, we are getting attacked again. I thought these wolves would stay over there. But apparently not Hey, get over here! Oh, our normal guys killed the wolf apparently. Alright. Only one left I think we can kill it just fine. Let’s go and kill it Just keep the wounded guys slightly in the back And then he can join in Doesn’t look like the wolf is smart enough to switch targets to the wounded guy Alright then. So, can you people build this stuff?

That would be really aprectiated, thanks! Go do your thing And how about we expand here. Up to four buildings and we’ll grab that healers hut right away Sounds good to me I’m liking this so far Looking forward to seeing more “You have neutral relations with this faction” The house is almost done So, I assume we are going to need food. Which means it would be nice to get that fertile land We’ll work on that It’s probably a good idea to get iron as well, and we need to grab that on the way But first healers hut, let’s grab that Where’s the healers hut? Hold on, where was it? Oh yeah, right here Okay And we need to grab one guy manually Off you go And the fishermans hut We’ll grab… yeah that’s the fishermans hut. You can go there And get some stone And now we wait for more villagers Our scout died while exploring a new area. Alright. I assumed he is going to die sooner or later What are these? Okay, these look nasty 20 attack power, 350 resistance I think I’ll pass on fighting these guys So maybe do not expand in that general direction.