To expand your territory you need to colonize the new area using food” “Click on the area and spend some food to colonize it”. Oh yeah, right here, for 20 food. Right, we can’t check things out if we pause Let’s maybe expand to the area that will support the most buildings. So, this way? Up to four On the other hand, this is a dead end basically There may be more interesting stuff beyond here Let’s wait for the scout to finish exploring the next part of the map We’ll see if there is anything interesting over there:  Although, he is taking his sweet time I think it takes longer the futher away from our territory it is It feels like this is taking longer than the first one did Okay. That’s fine

So, here’s our warrior He is just going to chill around here We could tell him to maybe kill a wolf or something Let’s see, 8 attack power 25 resistance. What are the stats of our warrior These are better Let’s grab one more warrior And new area Quite a few animals in here Fish, stone. Well since there is stone over here, lets expand in this direction. It doesn’t take that much food anyway. We’ll be fine. Lore. “Lore discovered in Northgard will allow you to improve your clans knowledge” Okay. So that’s basically a tech tree Alright. “Gain +2 crowns production, enables trading routes with trading posts” “Your wood cutters will produce 15% more wood”. I think we should start from that. “Reduces the amout of food necessary to colonize an area” I guess we can grab that next, maybe And I think winter is starting already.

Well that was quick “Select your warrior and right click on the area occupied by foes to attack them” “Recruiting several warriors will increase your chances of victory, but reduce your food and wood production” Right. So, we can select all of them And send them wherever I don’t want them to die. So, I’m a little bit weary about actually attacking anything. Which area has the fewest enemies? Looks like this one. Two wolves. Alright. Let’s go and attack them, why not? And build something A new house perhaps? We are at population cap. So, here you go There. “The colonized areas will allow you to construct new buildings, make sure to store enough food and wood to survive Northgards harsh winters” “Our scout was hurt while exploring a new area”. Alright Right here. Something attacked him Probably these guys Whats this? Fertile land? That sounds promising Also iron over here Okay So, it’s not quite obvious where to expand. We need to take all these resources into consideration. That looks new “The world tree is threatened by evil forces” Valkyrie. 15 attack power and 75 resistance And our territory is under attack Let’s grab our warriors Yeah, wolves are attacking us. Apparently Not so fast! One of these guys might die. We can back up slightly.