What is Finnish food? Historically, it has been said that Finnish cuisine is a mixture of Eastern and Western flavors and traditions, influenced as well by its Nordic location. On one hand, Finnish food reflects Scandinavian influences that have come from our neighbor, Sweden. On the other hand, the cuisine is shaped by the traditions of our Eastern neighbor, Russia. Overall, Finland’s Nordic location, with its cold snowy winters, pure soil, and long and light summer days, gives the Finnish cuisine its special, fresh taste. As Finland is a country of thousands of lakes and forests, fish, game and berries are characteristic of our food culture.

Our cuisine relies on Finnish ingredients, production methods and flavors. Finns value fresh and clean ingredients, and pay particular attention to food safety. In agricultural production, quality is strictly controlled and animal wellbeing is carefully monitored. Environmental values are highly regarded and organic, local and eco-friendly products are popular.

While the Finnish cuisine of today appreciates traditions, it is simultaneously highly innovative and modern. Finnish restaurants are internationally renowned and several restaurants have been awarded a Michelin star or two.